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We believe that children have an innate spiritual life. It is the mission of
our church school to nurture this inner life through the imaginative
teachings and experiences of our Christian faith. We provide age
appropriate environments for all children from infants through eighth

If you are new to the church and your pre-school aged children are
attending as well, we want you to know about our nursery room so you
and your youngest ones can both enjoy the experience of Sunday
morning service with God’s “extended” family.

For your peace of mind, and your child's safety, we do not allow anyone but the parent or guardian to disrobe a
child for any reason including diaper changes.  If your child needs a diaper change, we will "page" you using the
silent beeper given to you by the nursery room caregivers.

Our child care staff has seen their share of separation anxiety.  They will put their expertise to work when you
leave for the service,  but if your child is upset after you drop them off, you can agree with the child care staff
to page you after an agreed upon time period.

Every Sunday you will find Patricia Misle in the Nursery room 30
minutes before the church service begins. Your child will be welcomed
into a fun and safe playroom.

Patricia, while new to PCMK is far from new at taking care of young
children! In addition to her past experience, she will be participating in
regular training for child care workers including all aspects of physical
and emotional safety.
Childcare is provided during the worship service for children under 3 years old in our Nursery room.
The Nursery room is located up the main stairs, at the end of the hall, last room on the left.  Here's the Floor Plan so you can find it easily.
Children are not dismissed from the nursery to anyone except the adult who dropped them off before the service.  We do not transfer care of any child to the care of older siblings.
The nursery is equipped with crib facilities for infants as well as a fun play area for toddlers and a private bathroom. The facility is under the supervision of a paid staff member who have been specially trained in the care of young children.
You will be asked to briefly “register” your child with the nursery care staff to make sure we are aware of any potential safety issues such as food allergies. To enhance your peace of mind while you are in the main sanctuary attending the service, we ask that you provide us with a cell phone number. If there is no cell phone, a silent beeper is available.